Episode 85: Zach Elwood

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Episode 85: Zach Elwood

On this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Zach Elwood, a former profesional poker player and author.

Zach is a former professional poker player whose first book, Reading Poker Tells, is often called the best book on the subject. He’s written two other books: Verbal Poker Tells, and Exploiting Poker Tells. And he has a video series that’s currently more than 10 hours of content. He’s also consulted for two World Series of Poker Main Event final table players, looking for patterns in their opponents.

Zach’s website – Reading Poker Tells

Zach on Twitter – @apokerplayer

How to Cheat Your Friends at Poker (Penn Jillette)

Review of Frank Wallace’s “Poker: A Guaranteed Income For Life”

Poker: A Guaranteed Income for Life (Frank Wallace)

Emotions Revealed (Paul Ekman)

Lie to Me Series 1 (DVD)

Lie to Me Series 2 (DVD)

Lie to Me Series 3 (DVD)

I Know You Are Lying (Mark McClish)

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