Episode 54: Tracy Maleeff

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Episode 54: Tracy Maleeff

The Human Factor is delighted to welcome back Tracy Maleef, who was one of our first guests on the show and reflects on industry developments and her own career over the year since she last came to talk to us.

She discusses her new role within a large organisation and gives tips and advice on how persistence and focus have landed her a “dream job” within the industry.  
She discusses why she is so passionate about helping others within the security industry and beyond, and we hear advice on CFPs, her accidental security classes and how she helps spread awareness in her new company.
Tracy is a good friend of the show and her interviews are always entertaining and informative, regardless of career stage or size of organisation.

Tracy on Twitter – @Infosecsherpa

Tracy’s Nuzzel Newsletter – Newsletter 

Tracy’s Site – http://sherpaintel.com 

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