Episode 51: Jennie Williams

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Episode 51: Jennie Williams

Jennie is responsible for coordinating and delivering cyber messaging, developing business links, and working on ‘Protect’ strategies for Titan North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, covering Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and North Wales.

She coordinates and facilitates communications and information sharing within the CiSP (Cyber Information Sharing Partnership) platform for the North West regional node, and works closely with counterparts in other regions to ensure consistent and coordinated messaging, support, advice and guidance nationally for businesses and individuals to help protect themselves against Cyber threats, and advising on what action to take should they become a victim of such attacks.

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TITAN North West Regional Organised Crime Unit website

Cyber Aware website

The National Cyber Security website

Cyber Information Sharing Partnership website

Action Fraud website

Don’t forget, to get in touch with me either try the contact page of the site or follow me on Twitter, where I can be found at @Jenny_Radcliffe

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