Episode 32 : Lee Munson

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Episode 32 : Lee Munson

Lee Munson

On this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Lee Munson, who is Senior Associate of Information Security at Re:Sources UK.

Whilst employed in the retail sector, Lee decided to change his life completely by entering the field of information security but the journey wasn’t easy and took an insane amount of dedication and hard work.

Along the way, he gained a huge amount of passion for the topic through his own research, self-education, and writing on various aspects of the discipline.

This work allowed Lee to gain a unique insight into security. His expertise and knowledge on the subject is demonstrated by the continuing popularity of his own blog and the large network of like-minded individuals he has built up within the Information Security field.

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Lee on Twitter – @Security_FAQs

Lee’s website – Security FAQs

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