Episode 24 : Finux

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Episode 24 : Finux


I’m delighted to be joined by Arron “finux” Finnon for this episode. He has been involved in security research and consultation for over 12 years.  Arron has discussed a wide range of security related topics at a number of high profiled international Security/Hacking conferences, as well as producing over 100 security related podcasts. Interviewing countless security professionals as part of the Finux Tech Weekly podcast show.  His security research and consultation have helped businesses around the globe better develop the effectiveness of their security posture in detecting and mitigating cyber attacks.

During Arron’s time at The University of Abertay Dundee he was awarded the SICSA Student Open Source Award for his Advocacy of Free and Open Source software for his work whilst president of The UAD Linux Society.  A subject matter he is still very passionate about even today.

Arron currently is the Chief Technical Officer for Krohn and Partners where he oversees the technical and security requirements of the business, as well as offering security consultation and services to Krohn and Partners clients. 

A Cuckoo’s Egg (Cliff Stoll) 

Boiler Room (DVD)

Finux on Twitter – @f1nux

Finux website – Finux Tech Weekly

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