Episode 172: Professor Tiziana Casciaro

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Episode 172: Professor Tiziana Casciaro

In this episode, Jenny is joined by Professor Tiziana Casciaro, author, speaker and academic in the field of organisational behaviour.

They discuss her latest book  “Power for all” and how this contributes to organisational theory and culture.  In this fascinating conversation, they also chat about how power and ego are nuanced and unique and ponder the application of the theories in fields such as politics and the workplace.  A truly  amazing conversation, thanks  so much to the Professor for an amazing interview.

To follow Tiziana on LinkedIn, click this link here.

To find out more about her book, Power for All, click the Amazon link here or buy it from independent bookshops by using this online resource in the UK called Bookshop.org, via this link here.

To read more about The Robbers Cave Experiment, click the link here.

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