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Episode 104: Tin Foil Hats Club with Philip Ingram MBE

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Episode 104: Tin Foil Hats Club with Philip Ingram MBE

In the second of this semi-regular series, the Tin Foil Hats Club, Jenny chats with a previous guest, Philip Ingram MBE. They discuss the recent infrastructure failures the UK experienced, trying to cut through the noise to establish if they were part of a coordinated attack, what it means for the UK and why would such an attack take place.

Look below for the links mentioned during the conversation.

Philip Ingram’s previous appearance on the Human Factor Security Podcast, click here to access that episode.

go here Click here for the linkto Philip’s excellent article covering the issues of the failures.

Click here for the Amazon link to the book recommended by Philip, Intercept: The Secret History of Computers and Spies (Gordon Cerera)

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