Episode 08 : Ross Mackenzie

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Episode 08 : Ross Mackenzie


In this episode, I’m delighted to chat with Ross Mackenzie.

Ross Mackenzie is a performance coach, hypnotherapist, sales trainer and consultant.

He spent 35 years in the high-pressure world of international corporate sales delivering contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars and running a billion dollar sales business.

His clients include professional sportsmen and women, business leaders, lawyers, psychologists, dentists, doctors and salespeople.

He shows people how to discover the thinking that lets them thrive and perform at their best no matter what the circumstances – and have fun doing it.

Ross’s work has been covered in the national press and by Sky Sports.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (DVD)

Avatar (DVD)

The Simpsons Movie (DVD)

Somebody Should Have Told Us (Jack Pransky)

Prometheus Rising (Robert Anton Wilson)

Ross’s website – rossmackenzie.net

Ross on Twitter – @RossInsideOut

Ross’s Golf Video – Golf InsideOut

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