Episode 05 : Stuart Coulson

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Episode 05 : Stuart Coulson


In this episode, I am delighted to talk to Stuart Coulson.

Stuart has been involved in the information security industry for many years and has extensive experience and expertise of working with major corporations and assisting them with relevant online protection plans and security solutions.

His current role at the Challenge sees him working with organisations to complement their existing strategies to fill the cyber skills gap.

Stuart’s 2016 Conference Survival Guide

Javvad Malik and Thom Langford Presentation Skills Video

Catwatching (Desmond Morris)

At Large (David Freedman and Charles Mann)

Masters of Deception (Michele Slatalla)

Sneakers (DVD)

Hackers (DVD)

Stuart’s website – Hiddentext.co.uk

Stuart on Twitter – @SPCoulson

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