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She is a very enthusiastic and engaging public speaker. Effortlessly funny, she can paint a picture with words and tie her audience in knots with her tongue. An expert in body language and psychological manipulation (she'd call it "social engineering", I'd call her a female Derren Brown.
If you have the opportunity to either attend her training or join one of her talks or even watch her on Channel 4's Hunted. I strongly suggest you do!
An extraordinarily good, clear speaker with the right mix of information, humour and stories to hang the talk on, without the humour or story getting in the way of the message
Jenny is the most confident, knowledgeable, sharing and entertaining person I've ever had the privilege of seeing on stage.
Jenny Radcliffe is the speaker all the others should be measured against and if you want a speaker in this arena, hire the best, not one of her copycats!
Jenny is a great speaker on how social engineering works and what you need to think about to protect your 'crown jewels'. See her more than once as the subject area she covers is wide-ranging, and you pick up new things each time

Blog Title 4

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