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Episode 158: Keil Hubert

 In this interview Jenny talks to Keil about workplace cowboys, the Texas snowstorm, security awareness and working with THAT GUY! To follow Keil on LinkedIn, click the link here.  To read Keil’s work on Business Reporter, click the link

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Episode 157: Ted Shorter

 In this interview Jenny speaks with Ted Shorter who is the Chief Technology Officer of Keyfactor.  They talk solar winds, cryptographic assets and why having every second Friday off has been good for productivity.  Thank you for the interview

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Episode 156: Cary Hendricks

 In this interview with “FigJam” Jenny discusses intelligence analysis, educating the younger generation into security careers, BBQs and Horace goes skiing. To follow Cary on LinkedIn, click this link here. To follow Cary on Twitter, click this link here.

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Episode 155: Dr Martina Dove

 On this show Jenny welcomes back author and fraud expert Martina Dove. They discuss her new book “ The Psychology of Fraud, Persuasion and Scam Techniques” as well as the tactics and mechanics of many scams and how the

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